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Multi-channel Installation
@ Tension Fine Art  4th March - 9th April 2022

Arts Council Wales Production Award (2019)

Love Hangover Tension_004.jpg
Love Hangover Tension_005.jpg
Love Hangover Tension_008.jpg
Love Hangover Tension_003.jpg
Love Hangover Tension_009.jpg
Love Hangover Tension_002.jpg
Love Hangover Tension_001.jpg

Love Hangover: encore - an evolution of the multi-channel installation first created for g39 in 2019.


"Using digital techniques, motion capture avatars, comedic performance and song within an elaborately disorienting installation, Tom’s work at Tension Fine Art explores language at a fundamental level, where the space between intention and understanding fall apart. This work touches upon the online attention economy, social media’s propensity to reward narratives of individuality and hyper, market-driven competition, and the psychic effect this has on its users: us, the prosumers. 


The same CGI face peers out from each screen, but seems to be unaware of you, or of the other identical faces as the multitude of tired, ventriloquised masculine avatars mumble, shout and rant trying to get a word in edgeways.


Eventually each voice finds accord, and they harmonise into the parts of the same song, a shared voice in a familiar pattern of chorus and verse. Cardew takes technologies that seem very artificial and distant and finds them compelling, finds something very human and vulnerable about a deep rooted need to connect."

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