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Performance Video

commissioned by: Nowness, CSM & LVMH

5 minutes

16:9 4k HD

Written, Produced, Directed & Performed in collaboration with Katarina Rankovic


Golden Aesop Grand Prix 24th Biennial Humour & Satire in Art

Brian & Michie_007.jpg

24th Biennial Humour & Satire in Art Press Release:

"You’ve seen this sort of artist couple before: seductive; aesthetically savvy; liberally righteous. Based in their modern self-sustaining bubble shuttle abode tucked away on the coast, this comedy features a quirky high-end designer duo recounting the story of how their foray into sustainable luxury artist design descended into gun manufacturing. 


Upbeat and comedic in tone, the film will touch upon the transforming cultural face of sustainability at the hands of hipster culture and a strong demand in the West for a new, innocent brand of materialism. A tongue-in-cheek homage to Nowness videos, the two obliviously hypocritical protagonists will reenact how current media fetisize a crisis; a crisis of basic resources, and how ethically driven activism has the propensity to morph into a rhetoric akin to commercial advertising and propaganda."

Brian & Michie_003.jpg
Michie & Brian.jpg
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