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012 a material platform for the materialist in you (you want it)








a vacant structure.

made of something that lived,

dead now ...

a beacon,

a frame.

(how we view our lives lived, isn't it? ...) 

a performative gesture.


underscored by living colour.


nice ...

lovely, aren't they?


we want it

but what is it?

... doesn't matter

& don't confront me with my own addictions

... thank you very much


okay ...


we pick up the pennies

turn into ... pounds?


the persistent & uncontrollable desire for more. 


... sail away ...


yum yum yum ...


give me more.

& that more

happens to be yours,

but i want it

& i'll fuck you up to get it

... alright?


amongst so many things acquired by western obsession, over the ages,

to take what is not ours to take,

to have what is not ours to have,

this is an ensemble of material elements that exist because of our heroic history of taking from other cultures,

other lands;

of our human engagement with greed. 



narrative is formed through a performative object, made of pallet wood; (the scaffold onto which our culture grows) lifting the material

from the value of servitude to that of performative platform & in so doing reassembling cultural value & worth.

this wood is an expression of travel,

of distance, of trees grown, cut & worked somewhere that isn’t here.


by who?

garish & flamboyant flowers that cushion our peripheral public spaces fill the space before the platform; becoming the focus of our gaze.

where did these plants originate?

... likely that they were appropriated from lands far from here.

what emotional space do they occupy within us?

do these things even matter?



but, within this reconstituted place, you may find that now is enough; that experience is enough;

that material possession & material performance is really not it;

that right now ...

now ...

is everything & that is beautiful

(if you choose to).

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